We transform ordinary spaces into beautiful landscapes.

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We are a full service Permaculture Design Company located in Zanzibar.

We advocate, design and implement human settlements based on sustainable systems, that function in harmony with nature.

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What we provide

We provide simple sustainable solutions to address major environmental challenges to urban developments and other human settlements.

We value and sustain all natural resources, especially water and soil, to guarantee a continuing supply for coming generations.

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Bernadette & Franko

Drawing from the vision and practice of Permaculture, we strive and support the development of natural, sustainable, regenerative landscapes in urban, periurban and rural areas through a range of consulting, design, implementation and maintenance services. We help you realize your edible landscaping in homes, communities, towns and cities.

Our company empowers individuals and communities in developing local food systems that are healthy, resilient and sustainable and that are integral to the ecology of their place. With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, we urbanites must play a key role in ensuring our own food security while protecting and nurturing local biodiversity.

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Permaculture Design Company info@permaculturedesign.africa
+255 757 334 156

We are located in Fumba, Nyamanzi!

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P.O. Box 3564

Zanzibar Urban West