We provide simple, sustainable solutions to address major environmental challenges to urban developments and human settlements.

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We value and sustain all natural resources, especially water and soil, to guarantee a continuing supply for coming generations.

The products we offer

Besides our services, we offer various products from our own grounds. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

  • The Plant Nursery
    The Plant Nursery
    We have one of the biggest nursery on the island offering more than 350 plant species. From various palm trees, fruit trees, medicinals, ornamentals and xerophytic plants, we can supply your landscaping needs.
  • Compost & Fertilizer
    Compost & Fertilizer
    Our long experience in composting enables us to provide you with organic fertilizers to assist you in improving your soil quality hence healthier plants.
  • Earthworms
    Earthworm castings and earthworm teas are one of the best methods of enriching your soil. We can provide you with castings or the tea as well as the earthworms to start your own earthworm bed.
  • Garden Center
    Garden Center
    Need some good quality tools and equipment for your garden? You can get gardening tools, shade cloths, drip irrigation systems from our Garden Center.
  • Chicken Houses
    Chicken Houses
  • Organic Chicken
    Organic Chicken
    Chickens raised in a healthy environment and fed natural food result in good tasting, nutritious, healthy meat.
  • Organic Eggs
    Organic Eggs
    Our free range chickens fed with organic feeds and nurtured with biological concoctions result in delicious and healthy yellow-yoked eggs.

  • Franko Green
    Franko Green
    Director & CEO
  • Bernadette Kirsch
    Bernadette Kirsch
    Director & COO
  • Catherine Decker
    Catherine Decker
    Operations Manager
  • Mussa Williams
    Mussa Williams
    Project Manager
  • Saida Ali Mwishame
    Saida Ali Mwishame
    Nursery Supervisor
  • Muhusini Abdalla Makame
    Muhusini Abdalla Makame
    Landscaping Supervisor
  • Noel Tauro
    Noel Tauro

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Permaculture Design Company info@permaculturedesign.africa
+255 757 334 156

We are located in Fumba, Nyamanzi!

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P.O. Box 3564

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