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Kizikula Boutique Hotel implementing a brimming greenery for a childhood dream project.

Kizikula is a thoughtful design family-owned and run boutique hotel on the quiet southern coast of Zanzibar. It is designed to feel like a communal home with ample spaces to meet your neighbors and just enough privacy to be inspired by the surrounding sensual nature.

Kizimkazi, Zanzibar
2016 — 2021
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Kizikula Boutique Hotel

a lush tropical farmhouse style surroundings on the remote southern coast of Zanzibar

Childhood friends Shehab Hamad and Adel Abubakar (with Zanzibari roots) grew up in Dubai and had always dreamt of retiring in Kizimkazi, a small fishing village in Zanzibar. Soon the project evolved into a place to host not only themselves and their friends and families, but also welcome other guests to stay and enjoy the interwoven nature of the landscape and architecture. Shehab and Adel teamed up with Samuel Barclay from the Mumbai-based Case Design Company, as well as landscape architect Andy Hamilton from New Zealand and PDC Zanzibar. They collaborated with the Danish visual artist Malene Bach to define the colours, plus a handful of independent designers who gave each of the nine rooms an individual feel. Craftsmen from India worked alongside the local masons.

Everything at Kizikula draws from the very materials of the island itself. The orange-pink coral limestone was locally quarried, while the Mninga wood was sourced from mainland Tanzania, indigenous species have been planted next to productive fruit trees - and out of this whole vibrant pot of individuals, cultures and techniques the outstanding Kizikula evolved.

PDC was responsible for creating a strong and fertile soil base on top of the coral. From there all gardens around the bungalows, sidewalks and an on-site organic farm, which produces many of the fruits and vegetables used in the kitchen, have been designed, implemented and result in an ever-shifting landscape, which is never the same and that holds one of the most fascinating features of the place. Local landscaping gardeners coming from the Fursa Kijani Project (Youth Empowerment Internship Program) who were also trained in waste management are taking care of the maintenance of the whole landscape.
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Frank Lloyd Wright - Architect & Educator

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."


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