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Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar (PPIZ) traditional building techniques combined with a ready to learn environment.

PPIZ is teaching Permaculture skills to local farmers and primary school teachers to empower them to sustainable livelihoods and a life in tune with nature, and carrying their knowledge into communities. Creating abundance, regenerating the land and water. PDC supported the establishment of PPIZ to empower local farmers and youth to be able to deal with climate change.

2016 — 2017
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How it all started

It was 2015 that Dr. Mwatima Juma (the owner of Msonge Organic Family Farm) met Franko on facebook through a common friend.

At that time, Michael Nickels (Seven Raven-Canada), Franko and JB were looking for a site to establish a practical permaculture institute in Tanzania.

They happen to visit Msonge Organic Family Farm. Thus, the plans for the Practical Permaculture of Zanzibar was born. Today, the institute stands as product of concerted efforts, hard work, muddy working clothes and a desire to do something for the environment and the people of Zanzibar.

The Practical Permaculture Institute of Zanzibar is an educational/demonstration site, located j
ust 25 minutes away from the heart of historic Stonetown. It occupies 5 acres of land where permaculture features had been created. From an organic vegetable garden, swales, grey water management system, rainwater harvesting, food forests, rocket stoves, solar power, nursery has been carefully designed and implemented.

The purpose is to train as many locals starting with primary school teachers, women`s groups, youths and farmers where they can come and gain the knowledge necessary in permaculture to build and maintain a happy, healthy way of life centered around nature and all she has to offer and what we can offer in return. Learning permaculture will give them the tools for self-sufficiency, future food security, environmental recovery and regeneration and a sustainable livelihood. We aim to change the way we view and design our landscape, our surroundings, our relationships and our daily lives so we can improve on what our planet needs.

Impressions from a few courses that took place at PPIZ

This is PPIZ today

Geoff Lawton - Leading Permaculturist

"All the world's problems can be solved in a garden."


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We are located in Fumba, Nyamanzi!

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