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The Soul developing a tropical jungle feel at Zanzibars East Coast.

The Soul is a fully serviced, residential-leisure facility situated in the midst of Zanzibar’s beautiful and exotic East Coast. Surrounded by lush greenery and soft ocean breezes, its goal is to provide ultimate relaxation for the modern globe-trotter, island hopper or seekers of paradise.

Paje, Zanzibar
2015 — Ongoing

Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share

Creating a healthy lifestyle for everyone

The Soul’s landscape is built on the permaculture principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. We work with nature in its natural state, we look at our environment like an ecosystem that we stand to benefit from by replicating plant species that are indigenous to the environment.

We aim to create a healthy lifestyle not just for our residents but for our communities as we
ll. We will install a wastewater management system (reed bed, septic tank) to ensure that wastewater is cleaned and re-purposed for further use. The Soul has a waste management system that is focused on ensuring that all waste that is produced on the resort is managed properly from its inception to its final disposal.

The Soul property is built on coral rag, the prevalent habitat on the East Coast of Zanzibar that has very shallow soils. This would entail massive soil building efforts to be able to provide a landscaping that will provide properties with functionality, maintainability, cost effectiveness and aesthetics - a sustainable environment that will serve the needs of nature and the homeowners. A big part of the landscaping will maintain the existing scrub forest, interspersed with a productive garden as well as a xerophytic garden that requires low water to maintain.
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Sketching & Concept Design

Rainwater management design to spread, sink and store rainwater This system would allow rainwater catchment to feed the landscaping as well as floodwater control and recharging the groundwater.


Moving forward with our valued partners from and their climate-friendly timber frame houses properly managed, wood is a fully renewable resource and the construction material of the future.

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Jane Jacob - Urban Environmentalist

"People make cities, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans."


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