Hospitality Development

Aqua Beach Lodge a role model project for the responsible travelers of the future.

Aqua Beach Resort & Spa is a 5 Star luxury resort with 20 Deluxe Rooms and 4 Beachfront Villas. The Aqua team produces their own drinking water, they are plastic-free, they grow spices and herbs in their own kitchen garden and buy food from the farmers and fishermen nearby.

Pwani Mchangani, Zanzibar
2016 — 2020

Sketching & Concept Design

One of the challenges we faced at Aqua Beach Lodge is how to improve the fertility of sandy soil. The whole resort was situated on pure sandy soil with a thick existing stand of coconut palms and the indigenous Pandanus kirkii and Scaevola. That created a serious problem, because poor sandy soil does not hold nutrients and can not be productive in the long-term. Continuous addition of organic fertilizers are going to leech out of the soil very fast. To tackle this problem, early on in the project, many plants were cut down to allow for construction. We used this time to produce compost by digging a pit and filling it up with shredded palm leaves and other organic matter generated on site. This decomposed quickly after the first rain and became one of our soil amendments together with locally sourced cardboard boxes used to packaged all the furnitures at the resort, seaweeds harvested on the beach and sugarcane fibers to produce a fertile medium to create the lush landscape we were aiming for.


We created different zones based on the proximity to the sea. Hardy indigenous plants with sprinkling of colorful bougainvilleas afforded a tropical feel to the seafront villas as well as provided a security by building rounded coral stone walls in front of the beach. This also helps in stopping erosion. The next row, where it is more protected from the harsh winds and salty air, it was planted to medicinals and aromatics. As we moved towards the back, the landscaping became more dense and was dedicated to fruit trees. This would insure that the lodge will have a good supply of fruits, herbs, medicinal plants for their guests as well as provide them with thermal comfort under the dominant canopies. In a matter of 1.5 years, the almost bare soils of Aqua Resort was turned into a lush tropical habitat by using mainly permaculture tools in building the soil.

Updates from the grounds - what an amazing growth!


The lush vegetation is maintained by constant "chop and drop" method whereby garden waste is put back immediately in the landscaping. This provides mulch to reduce evapotranspiration as well as increase of fertility of the sandy soil. Careful pruning of the trees and shrubs are regularly done.

Tadao Ando - Architect & Environmentalist

"We borrow from nature the space upon which we build."


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