The House that collects Water building a sustainable home in Fumba Town.

This is the story of constructing an off grid sustainable home in rural Zanzibar. Building without cement, the house is made of lime, local stone and wood. It includes a biodigester to handle wastes from the kitchen and the garden as well as sewage. This will provide cooking gas for the kitchen. The house will be solar-powered.

Nyamanzi, Zanzibar
2021 — Ongoing

The power of collaboration

This is the story of building a home - a home that relies on local knowledge, a home without cement, a home that is made with its community and the planet in mind, a home that collects more water than it consumes.

As the world's second largest source of air pollution, cement is a significant contributor to human caused global warming. We have chose to work with lime because it is local, requires less energy to produce, is durable, and ultimately is beautiful. The improved design of our own kiln for making lime on site will ensure the limestone is burnt efficiently with less fuel than traditional kilns. Imagined over the last few years, we are now ready to build. Building, like good design, is a collaboration. We hope to share the story and the work of everyone involved: clients, farmers, architects, permaculturists, masons, artists, chefs, lime experts, and those yet unknown. Our aspiration, in addition to building a sustainable dwelling, is to share this story and how it is realized in the hope that it inspires and informs others. The knowledge we will gain is open source. Please pass it on. What we learn along the way will determine where we end up. We look forward to walking with you on that winding path.
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Model & Planning

Having Case Design Mumbai, Eco Domes Africa and PDC on board we are ready to work towards the realization of this pioneer project.

Henry Ford

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success."


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